What kinds of books do you have?

The books The Molina Foundation gives away are all brand new, and donated from publishers and other partners. Most of the books we receive are fiction, pleasure-reading titles. The books often feature popular characters, including many from television shows or movies. We also receive workbooks, activity books, coloring books, and other treasures to help children practice important skills at home. Most of the books we receive are for children of all ages (0-18); occasionally we have books for adults. Most of the books are in English, although we sometimes have books available in Spanish and other languages.

Do you have other resources, besides books? Do you make cash grants?

Occasionally, we receive donations of other health and education resources. In the past we have made grants of hand sanitizer, puppets, flashcards, and even bookcases. We do not make cash grants.

How often do you announce book grant opportunities?

As we receive donations of new books, we sort through the inventory and then send invitations to eligible programs with a link to apply online for a grant. We send announcements as often as we can!

How much are the books?

The books are always free. Books may be shipped for a minimal shipping and handling charge.

How many books can a program request? Can we use the books to restock library shelves? Can we request specific titles?

Our goal is to help families start or grow their home libraries. We encourage programs to apply for 1-3 books for each child they serve. In some cases, a few of the books may be used to help enhance learning environments by restocking library shelves. Our team does their best to try to match the inventory we have with the needs of the program. At this time, we are not able to accommodate requests for specific titles.

Can I request books for my family?

The Molina Foundation makes book grants to community organizations and schools. Please share our information with your child’s school, your church, a community center in your neighborhood, your library, or another community agency so we can work with them to bring books to families in your neighborhood. You can find some simple information to share here.

Can I donate books?

The Molina Foundation accepts donations of new books, educational materials, and health resources that support our mission. If you are interested in learning about how to donate, please call our team at (310) 375-6813 or email us at [email protected].