On My Way to Kindergarten

is a collection of hands-on resources for children (ages 3-5) and their family/caregivers to help get ready for kindergarten.  This suite of resources was developed with input from kindergarten teachers across the country.

On My Way to Kindergarten/En Camino al Kinder includes a 36-page bilingual (Spanish-English) activity book and an online collection of free songs, games, crafts, and stories in both Spanish and English.

On My Way to Kindergarten was made possible through the generous support of The Larry and Helen Hoag Foundation as part of their ongoing work to educate, empower, and create greater opportunity for at-risk children to become independent, productive, and contributing members of society.

How do I order On My Way to Kindergarten?

On My Way to Kindergarten is sold by the 50-count bundle. Each bundle costs $52.50 plus postage and tax. A code to access the online content is printed inside each book.

Special rates for individual copies or bulk purchases (500 copies or more) are available. Please complete the online form, or contact our team directly: [email protected] or 310-375-6813 and our team will help you complete an order.

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People Are Saying…

On My Way to Kindergarten/En Camino al Kinder is the homes of thousands of families across the United States thanks to preschools, Head Start programs, medical offices, federally qualified health centers, libraries, migrant education programs, housing programs, and other community-based organizations devoted to helping children get ready for kindergarten.

Many have shared their feedback, thoughts, and examples of how they are using the activity books.

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On My Way to Kindergarten / Mirar Dentro: En Camino al Kinder

  • Ideas for families to extend learning at home
  • Easy to read Spanish and English
  • Written at a 3rd grade reading level
  • Children can engage with all content, regardless of language preference
  • Easy activities for children to do alone or with an adult
  • Activities to encourage creativity and imagination
  • Skills to practice large and fine motor development
  • Skills to practice health and safety
  • Special pull-out poster with checklist to help track each child’s progress
  • Link to songs, stories, crafts and games online

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